Photographer Stanley J. Lonseth, has a distinct artistic eye for the out of the ordinary photograph as well as a pleasant eye-candy photographic perspective.

At the age of four, Stanley was given a sub-miniature ‘Hit’ camera by his father. On a return trip from Norway where his father and mother were born and raised, his parents and Stanley visited family friends in New York City. Impressed by the 'Big Apple' with all there was to see and do, Stanley and his father took photo after photo. Wanting to emulate his father's every photographic move, Stanley quickly learned the magic of the camera shutter.

Growing up in Seattle, Stanley learned about photographic artistry from both his father and his uncle. While hanging out in his uncle's professionally equipped basement darkroom, he became enthralled with black and white film development. Stanley’s most favorite present at age nine, was his Kodak “Brownie” camera.

While studying Architecture at Washington State University, he would make use of the department’s darkroom for his black and white photo developing. His interest in photography blossomed even further. Formally educated and professionally licensed as an Architect in California and Washington, he has developed his own keen eye for detail, composition, quality and quirkiness.

Enthusiasm for outdoor activities such as boating, hiking, cycling, beach combing and skiing brought him closer to the outdoors while broadening his appreciation for landscape and nature photography.

Wanting to find a way to share his many photos with others has motivated Stanley to create Capistrano Beach Photography  located in southern Orange County California. A monthly blog tells a little something about his favorite photos, see   The Whole Story   on this website.